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Benefits Of A Professional Christmas Light Installation Service

Do you have a horror story from hanging your Christmas lights? Let’s face it, very few of us really want to be a Clark Griswold: dangling from an old, rickety ladder and trying to reach the gutters to get the lights hung. On top of that, the wires are always a tangled mess coming out of the box and God forbid the whole string is out because of one impossible to find bulb that’s burned out! Then let’s not forget the debacle of getting the lights down in snowy January weather, tangling the lights back up, and stuffing them into some storage tote to take up space in the garage all summer long. Who knew a Christmas dream home was such a fiasco?!


Benefits Of A Professional Christmas Light Installation Service

No Hassle

We come out and install all the lights with professional-grade, soft white LED lights.

No Storage

After taking down the lights, we store them for you. No more hefty boxes of Christmas Lights.

No Risk

We do the installation and take down, with no risk to you or your loved ones.


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The Most 5-Star Reviews In Lincoln

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

The employees at Summit Lawns are always very professional. I forgot to pick up toys in the lawn (which I felt bad for) and they nicely moved them aside before they went to work. They always send you messages letting you know when they are coming and if there is a delay for any reason. Our weeds in our yard are under control thanks to summit and our lawn is getting healthier every time.

- Katrina Kush

We had quite a mess in our backyard, but Summit Lawn professionals came, gave us a reasonable quote and did the work within a week. The weeds were gone and the yard was day and night from before they came to after. Everyone was friendly and courteous. We'll be using them again!

- Diane Hunt

Everyone I've come in contact with at Summit has been friendly, professional, and helpful. Their communication & notification process let's me know when they'll be coming by, what they'll be doing and what I need to do to prepare. When a crew came by to mulch my gardens, I was introduced to each member! 🙂 I really appreciate their friendly & respectful service. I've recommended Summit to friends.

- Terri N.

Our Simple Process

This year give yourself the gift of time, safety, and splendor by letting us hang holiday lights for you! Here’s how our leasing program works:

Our Leasing Program

  • Get An Estimate

    We quickly email you your estimate with a simple mockup design of your home with our holiday lights overlaid on it.

  • Choose Your Color And Wreaths

    Choose where you want the lights: roof caps, gutter lines, wreaths, etc. We have two color options: Classic White and Candy Cane (red and white).

  • Installation

    We come out and install all the lights with professional-grade, soft white LED lights. No old fashioned, piercing LED light. No glass bulbs. No high electricity bills. We put the lights on an automatic timer, so you do not have to remember to turn them on or off each night.

  • Takedown And Storage

    As weather allows, we come back in January to take everything down and store them for you at our facility. No dicey, snowy adventures for your spouse on the roof. No tangled wires. No clutter in your garage.

  • That's It!

    We put them up, put them on a timer, take them down, and store them. All you have to do is choose your color, and we take care of the rest!


Once you approve your estimate, it all starts with the installation. Our trained crews custom cut holiday lights to specifically and perfectly fit your gutters and roofline. We come fully equipped and ready to give you an immaculate, elegant holiday light display you can be proud of.

A Lighting Job Done Right Includes:

  • Proper preparation and waterproofing of the lights to prevent any tripping of GFIs
  • Running extension cords in the right places, keeping them from being buried in snow on the ground
  • Preventative measures to keep rooftop lights out of snow and ice
  • Correctly balancing the electrical load evenly, to avoid tripped breakers and overloads
  • Firmly securing rooftop lighting, avoiding sagging or misaligned lights
  • Inspection of the lights prior to the installation
  • Honoring any customer requests
  • Cleaning up your home of tools, trash, and debris
  • Ensuring the lights and the timer are functioning properly before we leave

During The Holiday Season:

Ideally, the holidays and Christmas are perfect, but there can be times that technical problems arise. We are ready and available to take care of any issues that come up. We are prepared to respond rapidly to ensure everything is as it should be again right away. We perform thorough testing of your lights during your installation to minimize the chances of failure. All lights are covered under warranty and we will gladly replace or repair them if need be.

Takedown and Storage

In January, or as weather allows, we come back out to disassemble all the lights, package everything, label the lights to come right back to your home again next year, and store them at our facility. All lights are maintained by us and inspected before going back out again for installation next year. We reach out every fall to touch base and get ready for another beautiful and worry-free Christmas and Holiday Season!

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Our Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Money Back, Risk Free Guarantee to You!

Here’s the deal: We don’t do contracts. We earn your business on every visit. We want you to be totally thrilled with our service. So absolutely delighted that you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Frankly, we want to take care of your lawn forever. You are the judge, if our work is not excellent we will re-do the item in question for FREE. If you are still not happy, you will not owe us a single penny for that service.

Crazy, right? We thought so. In fact, if we were not the company we claim to be, that guarantee would probably cost us a small fortune. So we’re proud of that.

~ Ted Glaser | Summit Lawns Lincoln


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