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Professional Yard Cleanup Services

Summit Lawns Professional Leaf Cleanup Service

In Lincoln, we have extremely clay-based soil that is wildly susceptible to compaction, which reduces your root’s ability to grow deep and ultimately results in thin lawns. Aeration breaks these cycles to keep your lawn thick and green. Click here to learn more about what our aeration services can do for you.


Benefits Of A Professional Yard Cleanup

Saves You Time

Let us save you the time of having to pick up all of the leaves and branches in your yard!

Creates A Healthier Lawn

Removing leaves allows your lawn to get much-needed oxygen and water so it can continue to grow stronger!

Organic debris Hauled away

No more black bags sitting in your yard forever. We gather everything up and haul it away the same day!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Aeration Necessary In Lincoln?

    Yes. We have clay-based soil that can easily become compact. This starves your lawn from the nutrients it needs to thrive. Aeration conditions the soil to allow the nutrients and fertilizers to reach deeper into the soil. This allows for a thicker, healthier lawn.

  • What is Liquid Aeration?

    Liquid aeration involves treating the soil with products that chemically loosen the earth, leaving the ground more porous and fertile. When applied correctly, this long-term solution improves overall soil quality.

  • Does Liquid Aeration Really Work?

    Both from our experience, and scientific testing, liquid aeration is the way to go. In most situations, liquid aeration is the best option for your lawn. It is cheaper, lasts longer, loosens the soil more evenly, and even works deeper than traditional core aeration.

  • How Often Do You Aerate My Lawn?

    At a minimum, it should be done once per year. We typically recommend twice a year, but this can change based on your lawn's specific needs.

  • When Do You Aerate My Lawn?

    Late spring and early fall are usually the optimal times to aerate. This can differ based on location, soil conditions, and even grass type.

  • What Should I Do Before And After An Aeration Visit?

    clear debris, (leave cores) water

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The Most 5-Star Reviews In Lincoln

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Summit Lawn has always done a great job. They mow on the day they committed too. They also communicate very clear and concise. We had them remove our leaves this fall. They got the leaves out of our flower gardens and the yard. They did an excellent job.

- Jerry Brown

Nice to hand this outside work over to Summit Lawns. I especially like the leaf removal in the fall, and the first clean up in the spring!

- Kevin Rogers

Everyone I've come in contact with at Summit has been friendly, professional, and helpful. Their communication & notification process let's me know when they'll be coming by, what they'll be doing and what I need to do to prepare. When a crew came by to mulch my gardens, I was introduced to each member! 🙂 I really appreciate their friendly & respectful service. I've recommended Summit to friends.

- Terri N.
    Raking fall leaves with rake in the yard
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    Crazy, right? We thought so. In fact, if we were not the company we claim to be, that guarantee would probably cost us a small fortune. So we’re proud of that.

    ~ Ted Glaser | Summit Lawns Lincoln



    Professional Gardener Trimming bushes
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    Spring & Fall Cleanup

    Cleaning up your property during spring and fall is a big job. We understand that your time is valuable and limited. Leaves start dropping the same time of year you probably tend to be the busiest: between Halloween and Christmas. We can help take care of the lawn and leaves this time of year so you can focus on the rest of the seasonal hustle and bustle.

    What’s Included In A Cleanup?

    Every property is different and has different needs when it comes to spring and fall clean up in Lincoln. Some homes require multiple visits each week to make sure leaves are continually cleaned up. Others may not need any plants cut back in any landscape beds. We discuss your specific needs with you to create your custom maintenance plan.

    In Lincoln, A Standard Spring Clean Up Or Fall Clean Up Will Include The Following Services:

    • Leaves removed from lawn and landscape beds
    • Cutting back of seasonal and perennial plants
    • Mowing the grass
    • Flowerbed and garden weeding
    • Pruning and trimming bushes and shrubs
    • Clear branches and twigs
    • Haul off and disposal all debris, leaves, and plant material

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