Why is my Grass so Spotty in the Spring?

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Hey guys, I got an answer to a really common question that we get a lot. So in the springtime, we get a lot of spotty grass just like this. And that’s from I guess, boy over here. And what this is, let me get this camera around. What this is what you’re seeing is the result of our own friends, natural fertilizer. So in the springtime, our lawns are coming out of dormancy. These are spots that they’ve been getting, okay guess these are spots where the lawn has been getting its own natural fertilizer prior to our first applications and with a lot of smoke coming out of dormancy. So the lawn here has been getting all the nutrients it needs from Gus dog. The other thing that’s going on, this is from a sump pump. So up the hill here, where waters been falling down all winter long, you’re getting the streaking pattern. And what do you do about this? Nothing You don’t have to do anything as this lawn comes into the season all this stuff is gonna blend in and everything’s gonna be fine.
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