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Why is my grass brown – Tools you can use


Well, howdy Facebook world, I got a little advice for you for a tool that you can use. If you want to self-diagnose your lawn, we oftentimes get questions from people asking, Why is my lawn brown what’s going on. And sometimes we can’t tell what’s going on above the ground. And we have to use the good old soil probe to tell what’s happening underneath the ground. So we were just in a backyard and someone said they have this shape in the law and it turns brown every year, and we thought that’s probably going to be a tree stump or tree roots. As it turns out, in this particular case, it was gravel. There’s probably a trampoline or something here from a previous homeowner from years ago. And so every summer when it starts to get hot, the soil was not very deep. There’s only this deep and everything underneath that was rocks and gravel. So the grassroots were just struggling to find nutrients and moisture in anything once it got hot. So if you’re ever wondering what’s going on in the lawn, sometimes a girl soil probe for hockey diagnose that. Hope that helps.


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