What to do if your dog makes your Lincoln Lawn spotty

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Hey guys Ted summit here and I’m in the same backyard that I was just in just three weeks ago with Gus dog back here. And in this backyard, we were talking about what to do when the lawn is spotty coming out of wintertime where you have all the greens bursts where the dogs been going to the bathroom, and this lawn here has been recovering great. And in that video, I told you right at
the end guesses even the lawn okay.

In that video, I told you that you don’t have to do anything. And what do you do about this? Nothing. You don’t have to do anything. As long comes into the season. All this stuff is gonna blend in and everything’s gonna be fine. If you’re on the right fertilizer program, and the soil has the nutrients that it needs. The lawn recovered just fine on its own. There are no urine stains on this lawn. There are no pet stains. The only thing we have to worry about at this time is if Gus is gonna vomit all this stuff later in the house. So, as I said, be on the right fertilizer program and your lawn is going to be great coming into the year here.

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