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Hey guys, summit lawns here, and I’m with Jeff out on a property we are fertilizing. Today, we are getting down our second application of pre-emergent. If you are doing your own fertilizer program, generally speaking, there are two pre-emergent applications that you need to be getting put down because pre-emergent breaks down after about six weeks, I gotta get out of the way he’s gonna spray me seen pre-emergent breaks down after about six weeks. But crabgrass will continue to germinate out until generally speaking, we say July 1.

So if you get your pre-emergent down a second time, that gets you out into the middle of summer crabgrass sobs germinating, I’m going to get sprayed again, Jeff is making progress that crabgrass will not be germinating later in the summer. So we need to get that pre-emergent barrier down. So you got your first one down. We talked a lot about that back in April, and we’re wrapping up round two here in the next week or two. Getting that second application. Pre-emergent is really important. You do that The other thing we’re focusing on right now is heavy spraying of weeds. This is a big-time of year to get your broadleaf weeds, wild violet, dandelions, clover, all that stuff is really getting knocked out right now for the rest of the year. So it’s really important during this application, you also get your weed control sprayed to have you set for the remainder of the year.


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