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Hey guys, I wanted to talk to you today about Arborvitaes. These are trees that look like this These columnar style trees. Taylor junipers are similar to them as well. And today we’re looking at one that we had some concerns that the customer did that there were bathrooms or something that was causing some dye back in it. And in actuality, what’s going on is these trees are being overwatered and they’re actually starting to drown. The problem in this particular neighborhood is it’s actually coming from drainage through the neighborhood.

So we’re going to find a solution for that. But if you want to look at your own trees, if you’re ever curious what’s going on drowning have arborvitae looks like this. It actually looks like
it looks like burning, it’s a little bit of dieback. Get some depth on the tips like this and discoloration on the outsides. If you look down to the base on the soil down here, it’s really wet and squishy. I mean water just seeping out when I press down, there’s moss everywhere. That’s an indication that there’s too much water going on over here. So if you have discoloration in your trees, take a look at that and make sure sure that it’s not that it makes sure that they’re not being overwatered and that they’re drowning. So I hope that helps. This has been your Lincoln yard care tip of the week.

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