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Alright, guys, we needed to talk about lawn disease. So this spot right here behind me, this is an area where a lot of water flows in between these two homes and they’ve developed basically the equivalent of athlete’s foot for your lawn. It’s also spread throughout the yard. We’re seeing it over here. All this browning along the sidewalk back here. It’s in the backyard as well. As I said, this is like an athlete’s foot for your lawn. So imagine you were to wear the same sock and it gets wet and sweaty. For a month straight. You don’t ever change your socks. Well, that happens with your lawn when the weather gets really hot, thick, humid. We just had the second hottest June in Nebraska’s recorded history. We normally don’t give that that hot that early in the year. Now we have humidity from July and now lawn fungus is running rampant. So this is called a brown patch. What we’re seeing right here, this is a very common lawn disease here in Lincoln. You know the things you can do to prevent it first and foremost, do not water at night, because you’re allowing your lawn to stay damp and wet with the Humidity all overnight you want your lawn to dry out during the day. So water early in the morning. And then so it can dry out during the day. If you want to treat lawn diseases like this for yourself, Prophet connellsville is a product for us. And we also use one called team methyl. These are things that you can go by if you notice regular brown patches in the lawn. Now, all brown patches are not long diseases. But these are very common ones right now, again, this is what it looks like. You’re going to see brown patchiness it’s going to be irregular, it’s not going to have any sense of rhyme or reason. doesn’t follow a pattern. So if you have any questions about this, let us know. We’re here to help you out.



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