How to inspect your plants for Bagworms

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Hey guys, Ted with summit here to talk again about bagworms. And we’re gonna go a little bit more detail and how you can check out your own plants. I’m at home right here, there’s an RV provider right behind me. And upon inspection right here, everything looks fine. But I’m going to flip this camera around and I’m going to show you that even though it looks okay, on the outside, we got a problem brewing internally. So at first glance, everything seems okay. But if you get up close and you start spreading the leaves, you take a look inside. There’s a bathroom right there. There’s one right here. There’s a bunch in here and suddenly you realize, holy cow, we got a bunch of these guys in here. And you never know from the outside. But you take a closer look and you realize they are everywhere. These are like creepy little vampires. They’re gonna suck your tree dry. So take a look. If you have our providers. If you have other evergreen style trees, those are going to be your first victims as bathroom start to get underway. So take a look at your tree. And make sure everything is safe.


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