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Lawn Fertilizer Services with Weed Control

Your lawn is one of the most important elements of the overall appearance of your home. Lush Green Landscapes understands this! Our fertilization and weed control technicians are knowledgeable, licensed and skilled professionals, ready to provide you with the highest quality lawn care service to give you that LUSH GREEN lawn.

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Benefits of Fertilization & Weed Control

  • Weed Free Lawn
  • Increased Drought Tolerance
  • Lush Green Appearance
  • Promotes Healthy Root Growth
  • Replenishes Nutrients and Enriches the Soil
  • Fights Disease

Lush Green Landscape takes the hassle out of caring for your lawn and helps you get your valuable free time back. Our goal is to achieve a great looking lush green lawn with no effort or time from you. We make lawn care easy and deliver the results you expect.

The way to achieve a great looking lawn is no secret, it is discipline. It is having the discipline to maintain a scheduled lawn fertilization and weed control program. Our lawn care program is consistently providing your lawn with the nutrients necessary to sustain a healthy lawn. Our licensed technicians know how to perform the service properly using high quality products and taking the time to do the job right!

Our 5 Star, 5 Step Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Program

  • Step 1 – Pre Emergent (February – April)
  • ‍Step 2 – Spring Fertilization (April – May)
  • ‍Step 3 – Fertilization / Broadleaf Control (June – July)
  • ‍Step 4 – Fertilization / Broadleaf Control (August – September)
  • ‍Step 5 – Winterization (October – November)

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If you are looking for a reliable lawn care company in Lincoln NE, then look no further. Summit Lawns is your full-service yard maintenance expert and promise to give 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We ensure the quality of our service by providing personal attention to each and every lawn.

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What services are you interested in?

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What services are you interested in?

How did you hear about us?