Don’t let BAGWORMS Kill your Lincoln Trees

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Hey guys, Ted with summit lawns here and I wanted to warn you today that we are entering bagworm season. So I’m at a home in Fallbrook right now that we just sprayed for bathrooms. This homeowner was very diligent and aware and they noticed that they had some bathrooms forming. I’m going to show you what bathrooms look like and how you can watch out for them. So bathrooms are pretty disgusting, and they’re pretty deceptive. So right here, this is a little bathroom sack this right here. And it almost looks like a pine cone but it’s not. Now inside here, there is a gooey worm that’s going to be coming out in the coming weeks and months. So we sprayed today and we’re gonna do a follow-up spray in a few weeks here to get rid of these. Now if you get bagworms and you don’t take care of them, they can infest a tree like this and they can kill the entire thing in like a month like they will take plants out quickly. So if you notice anything like that now this has this one doesn’t have them too bad. The homeowner is very diligent. They saw what was coming. And we got out here and we sprayed it right away.

We found some on this buckthorn Well, and so we, we got all this stuff sprayed to take care of that. The other thing you can do if you don’t have a way to spray it or you don’t want to hire someone to do it is you can go around the tree or plant and you can literally just pull them off and dump them on the ground. Now here’s the thing, if you don’t get rid of those bagworms quickly after you notice them, they can take over a plant pretty quickly, and you can be in trouble and you can lose your plants pretty fast, but they’ll take over and they’ll kill it quickly. We’re talking weeks, two months. So if you notice something like that, give us a call. Let us know we’ll come out we can spray for them and take care of the whole thing. Before you lose the cost of a tree. It’s pretty expensive. So if you notice something like that, keep your eyes peeled. That’s what they look like. They look like little pine cones, but they’re not. So take a closer look.

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