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Category: Fertilization and Weed Control

crabgrass bunch growth
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What Is Crabgrass?

The fight for completely flawless grass is consistent, particularly as the weather conditions get hotter in the spring. Crabgrass, a typical disturbance yearly verdant weed,

Musk Thistle close up
Fertilization and Weed Control

What Is Musk Thistle?

Musk thistle, also called nodding thistle, (Carduus nutans L.) is a biennial plant in the Aster family and native to western Europe and found in

Sedge Grass Weeds
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What Is Yellow Nutsedge?

Yellow nutsedge is one of the most destructive and invasive weeds in Nebraska, but is it truly a weed? Come learn all about identifying and preventing it!

Crabgrass With Red Stems On Brown Grass
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Common Weeds In Nebraska

Quick Links Crabgrass Canada Thistle Musk Thistle Leafy Spurge Yellow Nutsedge Bindweed Nebraska, as well as the Great Plains in general, has become home to

Lincoln Drought Killing Lawns

Hey guys, Ted again with Summit Lawns and we need to talk about watering. We have just been in the midst of the worst drought


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