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Ted with summit lawns here and I am out at Capitol Beach right now answering a very popular question that we get. So I just met with a very concerned homeowner who’s doing an awesome job taking care of their lawn. But they had a concern that something was drastically wrong with the lawn and there’s a weed or something had popped up everywhere and and what do we do about it? What do we need to spray something like what’s going on and this is what they were seeing was this right here. Now this right here is something that you’re gonna start seeing all over town for the next couple of weeks. And what this is, is this is your lawn going to seed. Now, this is a natural part of your launch process. It’s not a weed, it’s nothing. There’s nothing that’s wrong that’s going on. It doesn’t mean that the grass is being cut too tall and needs to be cut shorter, tall grass is going to go to seed short grass is going to go to seed, all of the grass is going to go to seed. So here’s what you need to do. You need to just keep moving. mow at that three to three and a half inches. You can bag your class grass clippings, or you can watch them whatever your preferred method is. The seeds are going to pop up and then they’re just going to go away at the tail end of May and going into June. Now the seed here, that’s the big kicker, these are not seeds that are going to overseed your lawn. These seeds are sterile, they’re not going to do anything. So they really don’t serve any purpose at all. Go ahead and just keep mowing and this whole thing is going to be gone in the next few weeks here. So I hope that helps, and that has been your Capitol Beach Lawn Care Tip of the Week.

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